Faith and the Journey, Redemption meets a Weary Soul

A number of careless things have happened in my life. I have begun applications and not finished them, I have let my checkbook catch dust on the shelf.

I miss a time of corporate confession, at All Souls’, where we would bring to the table, each one, his or her own sins, acknowledging our own poverty before God.

I have learned much on this journey. Rev. Martin spoke one time of a “journey of faith.” What I cannot see because the law weighs heavily down upon me, faith illuminates and opens my eyes to.

What I cannot presently see, faith illuminates for me.

I have an underlying hope because someone outside of my situation stepped in, and rescued me from deep-dark currents of despondency, madness and even despair, offering me a glimmer of truth and grace, pointing me to himself.

One day I shall see him “as he is.” Until then, I, and we all, catch but glimpses of who he is. And each one, with his own particular narrative, that fits into the grander narrative of Creation, Fall and Redemption, sees only a faint sketch of who our Redeemer is.