What is valuable in life? Peace. But what kind of peace? And what source?

Psalm 85 gives us a clue: it says, “He (God the LORD) will speak peace to his people, to his saints; but let them not turn to folly.” (v. 8)

Peace is intimately bound up with the idea of, and reality, of, wisdom.

It is interesting to note that Solomon, whose name in Hebrew, Shlomo, means “peaceful one,” was considered the wisest man on earth.

The wisdom he had, originated, with God. God gave it to him. Solomon, when invited, by God, to “ask of him, whatever he wished,” asked for wisdom.

We speak peace, because God first spoke peace to us.

But none of us is completely “immune” to “turning back to folly,” as the Psalmist(s) forewarn, in the last segment of verse eight, of Psalm 85.

Given a choice between living an (overly, worried) anxious life, and living a life of peace, I’d rather live in peace. I think we all (in our right attitude of mind) would.