began reading in the book of Matthew, in the New Testament, about the visit of the Magi from the East, to Jerusalem, and the warning they received, and then, Joseph also received, from an angel, regarding his (Joseph’s) son and the malicious intent of the then king Herod, to kill him, and, I always wondered, how is the verse, “out of Egypt I called my son,” referring, here, to Jesus? When I examined the ancient text cited, from the book of Hosea (albeit not in hebrew; my classical hebrew knowledge is lacking, relative to my ability to (and even this would be quite limited, functionally, for society) speak it (‘modern hebrew,’ as it is called), multiple times, it appeared that ‘my son’ referred to, in the book of Hosea, was referring to Israel. For, in its context, following, it says, “as soon as they were called, they turned away.”.. how, I wondered, could, based on my understanding, whether from training or belief, Jesus be the one referred to here, “out of Egypt…” if he (Jesus) is perfect? How could he be the one ‘turning away’?
Well, today, upon re-reading the text (after initially reading it and gathering the same, as before), the thought, upon a second, third or perhaps further examination, today, in the Schlachter 2000, a reformed german translation of the masoretic text, struck me that, one: it is possible the “Son” referred to here, really is God’s servant Jesus, and the prophets were calling, through him who was called by God, his servant, the nation, back to himself. For, it is written, in the text of the book, “ihn,” referring very clearly to Israel as “the beloved,” an object, of God’s affection, and, from my limited knowledge, understanding of German grammar, “sie” referring to Israel as the subject of his calling. Food that sustained me as I had my devotions today.

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