I read an article in the New York Times today about how China is detaining Muslims in the hundreds in Hotan, China, in a “indoctrination program,” to “weed out extremism.”

This is wrong. “Growing a beard as a young man,” among other things, is considered a sign of possible “religious extremism.” This is nuts. Who is that concerned about how people dress or the habits they give up, some of which are actually a bad thing, ok, so, Muslims have a conviction about giving up alcohol, smoking?? right away – the smoking one probably less than alcohol, I presume. But who cares? The fact that they would be able to drop the habit, right away, is impressive, to me. What convictions do we have, here in the west and do we even concern ourselves with changing our lifestyles or routines to adjust to the pace of life around here? What matters most, to each and every one of us?

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